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Auction Catalogues

International Asian Art

Auction catalogs are a very good way to get an overview of antiques. In addition to excellent photos, they offer iconographic explanations, historical information and, last but not least, prices. They are relatively expensive in the sale of the auction houses. Here we offer some catalogs at a very reasonable price.

In some cases we can also provide lists of results of the auctions. With their help you can also see if the offered lots were sold and at what price.

Catalogues from:

Zacke [8]2021 Chinese Art [2]
Zacke [7]2021 Chinese Art [1]
Zacke [6]2021Asian Art Discoveries
Nagel [8]2020Chinese Art - China [incl. Tibet]
Zacke [5]2020Chinese Art - Buddhism & Hinduism
Zacke [4]2020Asian Art - Japan, Korea, China
Zacke [3]2019Asian Gold from Southeast Asia
Zacke [2]2019Chinese Art - Buddhism & Hinduism
Zacke [1]2019Chinese Art - Buddhism & Hinduism
Christie's [2]2019 Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art
Sotheby's2019Chinese Art - Metropolitan Museum
Sotheby's2018Richard & Magdalena Ernst Collection
Nagel [7]2019China / Japan / Korea
Nagel [6]2019China 1 - 5
Nagel [5]2019China [including Tibet]
Nagel [4]2019China [including Tibet]
Nagel [3]2018China [including Tibet]
Nagel [2]2014China [including Tibet]
Nagel [1]2014China [including Tibet]
Christie's [1]2014Imperial Embroidered Silk Thangka