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Brocade Mounting

Colors, Kinds, Hanging & Thangka 'Door'

Finally, to function as a sacred object of worship the painting had to be mounted in a cloth frame, often done with Chinese silks, and then backed with a thicker fabric.

A thangka is hung by a fabric or leather string, and a thin veil [Tib.: zhal-khebs], decorated sometimes with splashes of color and sewn on only on top, protects it from dust and from the smoke of the butter lamps in the monasteries. This cover is pulled up during the ceremonies-

A rod whose extremities are decorated with metal ferrules, and a second wooden rod are passed through the hems, allowing the thangka to be rolled up from the bottom to top.

1. Colors
Kinds of mounting
2. Kinds of mounting
Hanging of cover
3. Hanging of cover
Door of the thangka
4. Door of the thangka