Dharmapala Thangka CentreSchool of Thangka Painting

14.40 Meditation of the Sarvavid Vairocana Mandala

Guardians of the hells liberate prisoners

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The sound of the mantra for Sarvavid Vairocana penetrates the entire world.

The words are written in Tibetan calligraphy, in circles with a single centre. The recitation makes certain parts of his residence appear, in the form of palaces emitting light.

The recitation of the mantras shows effect: The bull and horse headed guardians of the hells liberate prisoners [below left]. Warriors stopped their fighting and fall to their knees in adoration [bottom right]. Der Klang des Sarvavid Vairocana Mantras durchdringt die ganze Welt.

Measurements: 10.6 x 10.6 " | 27 x 27 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Farbe: Color Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors