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11.36 Pema Jungne [2]

Pemasambha Manifestation of Padmasambhava

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Pema Jungne [Tib.: gu ru pa ma 'byung gnas, Skt.: Guru Padmakara], - also »Pemasambha«- belongs to one of the eight manifestations of Padmasambhava, representing eight important events in the life-story.

Guru Pema Jungne meaning »Born from a Lotus«, manifests before Buddha that teaches the Dharma to the people, embodies all manifestations and actions of pacifying, increasing, magnetizing and subjugating. He is shown sitting on a lotus, dressed in the three robes of a monk, under which he wears a blue shirt and pants.

Pema Jungne, who was adopted as the heir of the Oddiyana King, decided to forsake royal life and meditated often in graveyards and charnal grounds on death and the impermanence of life. Oddiyana was a small region in early medieval India, in present-day Swat District of modern-day Pakistan

These pieces of his life-story parallel the major points of the historical Buddha. For that reason, Pema Jungne is often referred to or understood as a remanifestation of the Buddha.

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