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11.25 Padmasambhava [13]

In his Manifestation as Pemasambha

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This Thangka shows the Buddhist Pandita Pemasambha [also called 'Pema Jungne'], one of the eight manifestations of the famous tantric master Padmasambhava.

The famous teacher of Tantrism sits in his emanation as a Buddhist Pandita Pemasambha in ardhaparyanka on a throne. He wears monastic robes and a pointed hat with long ear flaps.

Guru Pema Jungne the Saviour who teaches the Dharma to the people. He is shown sitting on a thone, dressed in the three robes of a monk, under which he wears a blue shirt. He holds the diamond-scepter of compassionate love in his right hand and the yogi's skull-bowl of clear wisdom in his left. Behind him a special trident called khatvanga of a wandering Yogi.

Measurements: 20.5 x 29.1 " | 52 x 74 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Farbe: Color Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors