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6.17 Padmasambhava's Birth

His Birth in a holy lake

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Padmasambhava was born in 732 A.D. on sacred lake Danakosha near the town of Mandi [today located in Pakistatan] miraculously in the middle of a lotus flower.

Buddha Amitabha sent down to earth a ray of red light [fire of the Holy Spirit] pierced the center of a lake of exceptionally pure qualities [due to transmutation] named Ocean of Milk or The Dazzling Immaculate Lake.

A large, immaculate lotus blossom appeared "and from the heart of the Great Compassionate One, I, Padma, the Lotus Born Guru was emanated as the syllable "HRI". The syllable dissolved into light and instantly there arose a beautiful eight-year-old boy perfectly adorned with the characteristic major and minor marks of a buddha. Holding a vajra, trident, and a lotus in his hands, he immediately began giving teachings to the Devas and dakinis of the area.

The Padmasambhava Lake is considered to have the clearest blue colour of all the lakes in the world and to hold strong healing power.

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