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12.41 The legendary »Yeti«

Largest Dharmapala Thangka ever

This scroll painting differs from all the other thangkas on this website in two ways. Firstly, with a size of 160 x 200 " | 400 x 500 cm, it is by far the largest work of art created by the Dharmapala Centre to date. Secondly, it has no historical precedents. Although it uses the traditional painting techniques of thangka painting, it does not show - apart from the Avalokiteshvara figure above - any Tibetan Buddhist content. Instead, it is designed in the style of naive Sherpa painting. The mountain world of the Himalayas is depicted in detail with everyday scenes from the Tibetan nomads with their animals and tents.

The »Yeti« is an ape-like creature purported to inhabit the Himalayan mountain range in Asia. In Western popular culture, the creature is commonly referred to as the Snowman. Many dubious articles have been offered in an attempt to prove the existence of the Yeti, including anecdotal visual sightings, disputed video recordings, photographs, and plaster casts of large footprints. Some of these are speculated or known to be hoaxes.

The painting picks up on the legend of the snowman »Yeti«, widespread in the Himalayas, who dominates it with his triple representations.

Folklorists trace the origin of the »Yeti« to a combination of factors, including Sherpa folklore and misidentified fauna such as bear or yak.[3] The »Yeti« is commonly compared to Bigfoot of North America, as the two subjects often have similar physical descriptions.

Measurements: 1574.8 x 1968.5" | 4000 x 5000 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Farbige Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors
High resolution: Display [0.6 MB, 1210 x 1470 px.]