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12.27 Kubera / Vaisravana [2]

Tib.: rNam thos sras

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Deva Kings These are the or 'Lokapalas' who dwell on Mount Meru and guard the four gates at the four compass points of Indra's [Ruler of the Devas] paradise. They are considered guardians of Buddhism. The four deva kings are: Dhrtarastra, who guards the East and is King of the Gandharvas[celestial= musicians]. He is white in color and holds a stringed instrument. Virudhuka, who guards the South and is King of the Khumbanda [giant demons]. He is blue and holds a sword. Vaisravana or Kubera, who guards the North and is King of theYakshas [wild demonic beings]. He is yellow and holds a banner in his right hand and a mongoose in his left hand. Because he oversees the Treasures in the North he is sometimes called the Treasure Deva King. Virupaksa, who guards the West and is King of the Serpent Gods. He is red in color and holds a serpent and a jewel..

Vaisravana is the lord of Yakshas. Some regard him as also the lord of wealth who gives blessings for prosperity. Vaisravana rules over the city north of Sumeru mountain, supremely beautiful, adorned with precious jewels. It is said that his city is as beautiful as Sukhavati heaven in the west. Vaisravana has five princes and has 28 messengers under his command. They are his retinue. His kingdom is located on the northern side of Mount Sumeru.

Like the three other kings, he was also instructed by Buddha Shakyamuni to protect the Buddha dharma in Jambudvipa in the northern direction.

His two attributes victory banner and jewel - spotting mongoose [which symbolize generosity, as he conquers the snakes of avarice.

All Four Directional Guardians have wealth deity representations. They grant aid to those who are spreading and/or protecting the dharma. If one is fortunate enough to receive aid from any of the wealth deities, one should use most of the wealth to help spread the dharma or for charitable causes. This allows one to preserve the blessings in the form of good karma and meritorious deeds. Using the wealth to indulge in sensory pleasures will only plunge one deeper into samsara.

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