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12.14 108 Namgyal Stupas

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Shakyamuni gave instructions before his death that his remains were to be interred in a funerary mount or monument, called a stupa. With square, triangular, round, and vertical forms symbolizing the primary elements, surmounted by the victory banners and parasols of enlightenment, stupas have come to symbolize the Truth Body reality of enlightenment, the all-pervasive mind of all Buddhas. Tibetans used stupas to transform the landscape of Tibet, placing these reminders of the omnipresence of enlightenment everywhere.

The stupa [tib. chörten / mchod-rten], originally a royal funerary monument, came to represent the omnipresence of the Buddha´s mind, arranging symbols of the elements of the world in such a way as to symbolize architecturally their infusion with the Buddha presence.

There are eight different Stupas in the Tibetan Buddhism, each symbolizes one major site of Buddha Shakyamuni´s Life.

The Thangka shows 108 imags of the Namgyal Tschörten or Vijaya Stupa, [Tib.: rNum rgyal mchad rten]. It as build in memory of Buddha's overcoming a serious illness and symolizes the victory of Buddhismn It is round and has three steps.

The original antqiue stupa was located in Vaisali / India.

The number "108" plays an important role in the iconography of Tibetan Buddhism. It is the product of multiplying the 12 months of the year by the nine planets. It also is the number of prayer beads on a mala, which is a Buddhist type of rosary used for counting repetitions of mantras.

The front site of the central stupa of the painting shows the three-faced, ten-eyed, and eight-handed victorious Ushnishavijaya - this is how her name is translated - is an emanation of Vairochana Buddha. She is one of the three longevity deities in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon, along with Amitayus and White Tara. So she is worshipped as the auspicious patroness of long life. Furthermore she is known as the "Mother of all Buddhas."

Measurements: 15.4 x 23.2" | 39 x 59 cm
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Material: Natural Stone Colors