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12.12 Tsongkhapa Refuge Tree

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Once the succession of Tibetan gurus and disciples had reached significant proportions, it became a popular custom to represent such spiritual genealogies in the form of a cosmic world tree uniting all the saints, buddhas, and deities of the order concerned. This special kind of Thangka is called in Tibetan language "krung rabs".

A refuge host field tree is a form that Tibetan Buddhists visualize as present in the sky of inner vision when they meditate at any level of the path.

This resplendent icon relates the whole religious, philosophical, cultural, and historical synthesis achieved by Tsong Khapa and embodied in the Gelug Order. To the practitioner, this entire vision of the Great Assembly Tree would be seen by the mind´s eye in space, streaming forth a radiance of rainbow spiritual light. Such a vision creates a field of secure clarity and penetrating brilliance, in which a person may effectively contemplate the subject of his practice.

In the centre Tsong Khapa is seated on a lotos throne. In the left upper corner the Future Buddha Maitreya is depicted. Up at the top of the picture we saw the blue colored Buddha Samantabhadra with his female consort Samantabhadri [white]. At the right upper corner the red Buddha Amitabha is depicted

Tsong Khapa is the founder of the Gelukpa school and is the central figure in their Refuge Tree. He is dressed as a monk and wears the yellow pandita hat this lineage has become associated with. After studying with a reported forty five masters, he founded the Gelukpa school in 1409 that emphasized monastic discipline. One of his students, Gedundrup was retrospectively recognized as the first Dalai Lama, an emanation of Avalokitesvara. The fifth Dalai Lama consolidated Tibet politically and spiritually and became its leader. He is an emanation of Manjusri and he is often depicted with Shakyamuni Buddha in his heart. The Gelukpa Order has the greatest number of adherents of any of the lineages.

It took two years to complete this very large [47 x 74 inches | 120 x 185 cm] scroll painting.

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Measurements: 47.2 x 72.8" | 120 x 185 cm
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