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Milarepa the great Tibetan saint

History of the original Milarepa Thangkas

The basis of the 18 Milarepa Thangka was his most famous work, the "hundred thousand Vajra chants" also called "The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa".

In the year In 1775 The abbot of the monastery of Hemis in Ladakh [western Tibet, now belonging to India] Mepham Tänle Tsewang asked Rinpoche of the Seventh Drukchen Sangnag Choling Monastery in southern Tibet to illustrate the life of the famous sacred Tibetan Milarepa.

The most important passages of the life story of the greatest saint of Tibet have been selected. Eighteen Thangkas were created. Once completed, the scrolls were brought to the Hemis monastery.

There they are kept rolled up until today in wooden cases, which are shod with leather. Only once a year they will be presented at the Hemis festival for a few days in the private rooms of the Abbot of Hemis.

Life of Milarepa ...