Dharmapala Thangka CentreSchool of Thangka Painting

10.6 Milarepa

Scenes of his Life

Full  View 1. Mila und Dakmema think about what to do 2. Milarepa pretends to leave 3. Marpa beats Milarepa 4. Marpa takes a flour bag and goes with it into the house 5. Dakema consoles Milarepa 6. Milarepa receives from Dakmema initiation into the meditation on Vajravarahi 7. Mila helps Dakema work with the cows 8. Ngoktön Chödor receives the great Hevajra-initiation 9. Marpa throws Milarepa out of the initiation ceremony 10. Later Marpa talks with Milarepa about his expulsion 11. Milarepa begs for flour and borrows a cooking pot 12. Milarepa prepares a meal 13. Milarepa returns the cooking pot 14. Milarepa reads Dharma texts to the owner of the cooking pot 15. Milarepa meets Dakmema and makes obeisance to her 16. Dakmema informs Marpa about the return of Milarepa 17. Dakmema sells a lot of beer to Marpa and the other disciples 18. Dakmema steals Marpa´s Mala and jewels from his room 19. Dakmema hands the stolen jewels to Milarpa 20. Milarpa prostrates himself in front of Ngoktön Chödor 21. One of the disciples asks Milarepa about his name 22. Ngoktön explains the Hevajra Tantra 23. Milarepa´s wellcome in the house of Ngok 24. Milarepa presents the stolen Mala and the Jewels to Ngok 25. Milarepa rents a small hut from an old woman 26. Milarepa generates hail, which harms the enemies of Ngok 27. On the way back Milarepa meets two herdsmen 28. Milarepa picks up dead birds and mice, which are killed by his hailstorm 29. Ngok revives the dead birds and mice that Milarepa has found 30. Milarepa receives the Hevajra Initiation from Ngok 31. Ngok visits Milarepa in his retreat cave 32. Milarepa receives a letter from Dakmema urging him to return to Marpa

This sophisticated and elegant painting comes from a famous series of nineteen Thangkas on the life of Milarepa obtained in Beijing in 930 by the Sven Hedin expedition.

Measurements: 23.6 x 36.2" | 60 x 92 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Color Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors