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Scenes of his Life [5]

Full  View 1. Thospadga is kicked out of the house by Marpa together with the vessel 2. Thospadga wants to give the copper vessel as a present to Marpa 3. Marpa inspects the vessel and makes it sound with a stick 4. Having lifted the copper vessel into the air he said: 'I dedicate it to Naropa' 5. In the chapel the copper vessel is filled with melted butter 6. Thospadga sends magic hail upon meadows and gardens under direction of Marpa 7. After the magically caused hail and fighting he asks for the necessary doctrine 8. When the hail had fallen he asked for the necessary doctrine?? 9. In Lhobrang, when the magic hail had fallen all enemies died through fighting 10. A seccond time he askes for the necessary doctrine Dharma 11. Dakema comforts after Marpa has rebuked Thospadga 12. The next morning Marpar visits Thospadga and gives him the order to build a tower for his son Darma Dode 13. On the eastern mountain spur Thospadga builts a circular tower. 14. On the western mountain spur Thospadga builts a crescent shaped Tower 15. On the northern mountain spur Thospadga builts a triangular Tower 16. Having a wound on his back and [in vain] asking the father for Dharma, he begged his mother Dakmema to ask 17. Dakmema introduces Thospadga to the Marpa 18. Marpa explains and gives him the text and the vows for taking refuge 19. Dakmema witnesses Marpa ordering a new tower 20. Marpa describes the outlines and the design of this tower 21. Milar builds the square shaped tower 22. Three disciples of Marpa roll a big stonefor fun to lay the foundation of the tower 23. Marpa says: 'take out that stone' 24. Marpa creates a phantom army to drive out his enemies 25. The great Chakrasamvara Initiation for Metön from Tsangrong 26. Marpa beats Thospadga out of the initiation row and boxed his ears 27. In the evening his mother Dakema comforts 28. In the morning Marpa told him to continue with tower and gallery 29. The great Guhyasamaja initiation for Tsurton Wönge 30. Dakema hands over the neccesary gifts for the initiation to Thospadga 31. Thospadga is thrown out from the initiation row 32. In the evening Dakema comforts and hands over some Tsok offerings 33. In the morning Marpa tells him to continue with tower and gallery 34. Thospadga carries earth for the gallery 35. Thospadga shows Dakema the wounds on his back 36. Thospadga goes with his mother to Marpa to show him his wounds on his back 37. The mother explains Marapa, that the state of health of Thospadga is very bad 38. Dakema nurses the wounds of Thospadga while he rested

This sophisticated and elegant painting comes from a famous series of nineteen Thangkas on the life of Milarepa obtained in Beijing in 930 by the Sven Hedin expedition.

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