Dharmapala Thangka CentreSchool of Thangka Painting

10.14 Milarepa

Scenes of his Life

Full  View 1. Milarepa meets the jealous Dharma Lodrö 2. The debate with Dharma Lodro and other scientists. 3. More scenes from this debate 4. During this debate Milarepa walks calmy through rocks 5. Rechungpa reveives Gold from Milarepa Gold before he starts to his third journey to India 6. Rechungpas farewell to India 7. Rechungpa meets Bharima in Nepal 8. Rechungpa meets Tipupa in India, the Inkarnation of Marpas son Darma Dode 9. Rechungpa meets Drubjälma. He received a long life initiation form her. 10. Milarepa and Megom Repa 11. Milarepa meets the girl Salewö 12. Milarepa and Salewö 13. Milarepa flies to Rechungpa to help him 14. Milarepa meets Rechungpa 15. Milarepa and Rechungpa travel the road together 16. In an approaching hailstorm Milarepa und Rechungpa find an yakhorn. Milarepa uses it as a shelter 17. At the door of a small tent an old woman reproves Milarepa und Rechungpa for begging 18. Rechungpa carries the dead body oof an old woman 19. Milarepa guides the departed one to the celestial regions 20. Rechungpa gets Water and sees the donkeys 21. On his return Rechungpa finds that Milarepa has made a fire, and burnt his precious books in it. 22. Milarepa cheers the upset Rechunpa with some miracles 23. Rechunpa gets back his books

This sophisticated and elegant painting comes from a famous series of nineteen Thangkas on the life of Milarepa obtained in Beijing in 930 by the Sven Hedin expedition.

Measurements: 23.6 x 36.2" | 60 x 92 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Color Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors