Dharmapala Thangka CentreSchool of Thangka Painting

10.13 Milarepa


  1. He meets Rechungma at the Five Lakes
  2. She tells him about her experiences and perceptions in a song
  3. In Nyishang he is confronted by a wild hunter, later Chirarepa
  4. Hunters want to attack him in Nyishang
  5. The king of Khokhom makes offerings to him
  6. Rechungpa and Shengom Repa invite him to the Lachi Massif
  7. Tseringma and the four goddesses
    of her retinue attack Milarepa in demon form
  8. They visit him again, this time offering sacrifices
  9. The goddesses sing about their impression of Milarepa
  10. The demons and the five goddesses return
  11. Milarepa joins Tseringma in Karmamudra
  12. He performs a purification ritual for a sick girl
  13. Another meeting with Tseringma and the goddesses
  14. Rechungpa wants Milarepa to visit Dharmabodhi"
  15. The meeting with Dharmabodhi