Dharmapala Thangka CentreSchool of Thangka Painting

10.12 Milarepa

Scenes of his Life

Full  View 1. Milarepa, while meditating, is told by a Dakini to go to the holy mountain Kailas mountain, as Marpa had already predicted 2. On his way to the mountain he meets Dampa Jakphu. 3. Dampa Jakphu invites him to his house 4. He spends the summer teaching in Lowo. 5. His students say goodbye to him. Among them is Kharchung Repa. 6. He meets a young girl and accepts her on as a pupil 7. He mets Darma Wangchuk in the near of Mount Kailash 8. The local deities of Mount Kailash brought him offerings 9. He meets Bönchog Naro and his family on the shores of Lake Mäpham [= Manasarovar] 10. Naro Bönchog enlarged the lake so that it overflows its banks and praises the Bon Tradition 11. Mila shrinkt the lake shrinks and hovers over it 12. Mila lifts the entire lake on his finger tips, without violating the beeings of it 13. Naro Bönchog circumambulates the Manasarovar lake counter-clockwise 14. Milarepa and his students circumambulate lake Manasarovar clockwise 15. Mila seeking to make the priest go around the lake righthandwise in the orthodox Buddhist fashion 16. They try to find out who can lift the largest boulders with their magical power 17. Milarepa meditated in a cave on the western flank of Mount Kailash 18. They build a shelter out of rocks 19. Naro is seen riding on his drum in his blue coat 20. Milarepa spreass out his simple cotton gown and in an instant flies up to the top of the mountain 21. Milarepa sits on the summit of Mount Kailash 22. Naro Böchog crashes down during his race with Mila from the Kailash. 23. After his return to the cave Drakcha Dorje the Dakinis prophesies him the arrival of Rongchung Repa 24. Students from Gungthang visiting him 25. In the cave Drakcha Dorje Dakinis sing a prophetic song 26. Mila meets a shepherd, the later Lukdzi Repa, who is accepted as a pupil 27. He meets a rich old Bon follower 28. Making a bonpo offering 29. He takes his son as a student who later became known under its new name Senggom Repa

This sophisticated and elegant painting comes from a famous series of nineteen Thangkas on the life of Milarepa obtained in Beijing in 930 by the Sven Hedin expedition.

Measurements: 23.6 x 36.2" | 60 x 92 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Smoked Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors