Dharmapala Thangka CentreSchool of Thangka Painting

10.10 Milarepa

Scenes of his Life

Full  View 1. When the provisions are exhausted Mila has to beg food. Unfortunately he comes upon his aunt's tent 2. She abuses him and lets loose a dog which he tries to keep off with a stick 3. Being faint he stumbles and falls down, and is beaten by the aunt 4. When he rises and sings an entreating song the aunt, now somewhat remorseful, sends out some food with a girl 5. When he comes to this paternal uncle's new house he is thrown out. He is stoned by some youths and finally returns to his cave 6. Here the aunt visits Mila with gifts, and asks him for his field and his house, both of which he gives to her 7. For the sake of his Spiritual progress, and guided by a dream, he leaves the cave 8. He goes to Bragdkar. There, again dwelling in a cave, he vows not to leave it for a human habitation before he has attained buddhahood 9. After some years hunters find him in the cave and all except one insult him 10. A year later hunters come again and he gets some of their meat 11. A thief comes, but finds nothing 12. Milarepa prepares a meal 13. Once more some hunters arrive. He has nothing but nettle soup to give them for food. When they pity him he explains in a song 14. A feast inKyangatsa 15. This same song is sung by these hunters at a feast in Kyangatsa, where Mila's sister hears it. 16. Moreover Mila's former betrothed, Dzese, tells her where she thinks he is. 17. To this cave the sister Peta goes. On first seeing him she believes him to be a ghost 18. She goes into the cave and faints 19. Peta and Mila Dzese see outside the cave when they come to visit him 20. At the arrival of the two women Mila fetches water 21. They brought meat and ale 22. Mila flew down from the White Rock Horse Tooth [sMinkhyug] 23. He stays in the cave Minchudripma and then flies back to the White Rock Horse Tooth 24. Men's watch on the field, as he flies through the air 25. Mila sitting in the cave at White Rock Horse Tooth 26. He leaves the cave. He stumbles and loses his clay pot 27. Hunters invite him to share their meal 28. On the road to Chuwar he meets young women

This sophisticated and elegant painting comes from a famous series of nineteen Thangkas on the life of Milarepa obtained in Beijing in 930 by the Sven Hedin expedition.

Measurements: 23.6 x 36.2" | 60 x 92 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Color Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors