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Medical Thangka No. 2 of the Blue Beryll

The Root of Physiology and Pathology

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From the Blue Beryl treatise which explains the Four Tantras, the ornament of the intention of Bhaisajyaguru, Master of Remedies: Painting Two illustrates chapter two of the Root Tantra, concerning the emanation of its expositor, the hermit sage VidyaƱana, and its listener, the hermit sage Manasijas, respectively from the buddha-mind and the buddha-speech. [It also illustrates] chapter three, the main part of the root tantra, concerning the root of the natural physical condition and the [humoural] basis of disease [pathology] from which [grow] the two stems of unmodified [physiology] and [pathological] transformation.

The first of these stems has three branches, namely, those of [the humoural basis of] disease, bodily constituents, and impurities, and 25 leaves. The second has nine branches, namely those of primary and secondary causes [of disease], the areas of inception, locations, pathways, and the rising occasions [of the humours], the results [which bring fatality], the contrary [humoural imbalances], and the summary. It also has sixty-three leave. Altogether, there are 88 leaves, and two flowers, which are named "freedom of disease" and "longevity".

From these there emerge [respectively] the fruit of the excellence of spiritual and material well-beeing, and the fruit known as the "liberation of the psycho-physical components of [one who has attained]" the unsurpassed enlightenment in the body of light, consequent on the achievement of bliss.

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