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Medical Thangka No. 1 of the Blue Beryll

Palace of Buddha Bhaisajyaguru |

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The Medical Thangka no. 1 of the Blue Beryll [similar to a front page]. It shows the Buddha Bhaisajyaguru, the master of remedies on his lotus throne in the centre of his celestial palace. It is situated in the city of Sudasana, the city of healing. The painting follows close to the iconographic structure of a Mandala.

The city of Sudasana is surrounded by four mountains [northern Himavant mountain, eastern Gandhamadana mountain, southern Vindhya mountain and western Malaya mountain]. Each area contains plenty of medicine in the form of trees, plants, herbs, animals which is used to cure sick people

Also available as high quality print

Additional information at Rubin Museum, New York

Measurements: 29.1 x 35.4" | 74 x 90 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Color and black background Version
High resolution: Display [9.9 MB, 4115 x 5000 px.]
Material: Natural Stone Colors