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15.8 Vajra Yogini [2]

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A yogini [or dakini] is the most important female principle, representing the ever changing flow of female energy. In tantric Buddhism, dakinis are the guardians of teachings and are considered the supreme embodiments of wisdom. The dakini can help change human weakness into wisdom and understanding.

Dakinis, a class of semigoddesses who play an important rule in Buddhist iconography and mythology, are the female versions of the male dakas. In Tibetan the word "daka" [dpa´ po] means hero or wise man and dakini is the female counterpart. The Tibetan expression for dakini [mkh´a ´gro ma] literally means "sky-walking woman” and hence the common believe that a dakini can fly. The expression is also used, however, as a synonym for prajna; therefore, as the embodiment of wisdom. Every goddess may be regarded as a dakini. Both dakas and dakinis occur frequently in Tibetan literatur, though the latter predomonate.

The expression of dakini is further used to designate the female partner in the tantric initiation, and thus she can be both human and superhuman. Furthermore the dakinis usually act as spiritual guides to the mahasiddhas.

Her crown is made of five dried human heads. Her right hand holds a skull cup with blood inside. Her long necklace is made of fifty dried human skulls. The esoteric dakini of this Thangka steps triumphantly on the personifications of desire, called "Dushenma". Her Vajra topped magic staff ["khatvanga"] leans against her left shoulder, and a necklass made of fifty dried human skulls loops don to her knees. Se is surrounded by a flaming aureole [representing wisdom] flanked by a circle of 45 human skulls. On the four petals of central lotus four additional dakinis are dancing.

The combiniation of the two triangles symbolises the unification of the male and female principle.

Measurements: 17.7 x 17.7" | 45 x 45 cm
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Material: Natural Stone Colors