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15.31 Vajravarahi [3]

Tib.: Dorje Phagmo

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A special manifestation of the Vajravarahi - Dakini is Vajravarahi [Sanskrit: Vajravârârâhî; Tibetan: Dorje Phagmo], the tantric companion of Chakrasamvara. She belongs to the group of Shamvara deities and is the female embodiment of the archetypal Buddha Shamvara.

Vajravarahi - the diamond sow [Dorje Phagmo] - belongs to the group of Shamvara deities. She is the female embodiment of the archetypal Buddha Shamvara.

The goddess is associated with triumph over ignorance [symbolized by the sow], and this, her characteristic attribute, appears just above her right ear.

Here red Vajravarahi Stands on her left leg in a dancing pose, on the yellow reclining body of Bhairava, whose head is turned slightly to his left. The goddess wears a crown of skulls. To the right of her face is the head of a blue sow. She wears a white flowered scarf and a garland of heads. She has gold earrings and gold Ornaments on her arms, wrists, hips, and ankles. Fine bone ornaments also adorn her body, including an apron and a grand necklace. Her right band holds a vajra chopper; the left holds a skull bowl before her breast. She carries a kathvanga staff surmounted by three skulls and a Vajra, in the crook of her left arm.

In the four directions stand the four attendant Yoginis in the same appearance as Vajra Varahi. They all trampling exactly the same figure as Vajravarahi.

Above her we see the blue Vajradhara in the middle, below Tilopa [left] and Naropa [right]. Below in the middle Ratnasambhava.

In the lower row we see Tseringma on a horse on the left and again on a snow lion on the right. In the middle in between a four-armed Mahakala manifestation.

Measurements: 17.7 x 26.8" | 45 x 68 cm
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Color: Black Background Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors