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15.15 Naro Dakini

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Dakinis are skywalkers [Tib.: mkha' gro ma, an angel, witch, or fairy who wanders in the air], in some cases celestial female beings, and sometimes earthly women who possess supernatural wisdom and powers. They have initiated, taught, and assisted many great Indian and Tibetan yogis in performing esoteric Vajrayana rituals.

The Naro Dakini is a celestial female Budddha form associated with the Paramasukha-Chakmsamvara Tantra who manifested herseif in an initiatory vision to the great Indian teacher and Mahasiddha Naropa [956-1040]. Another name of the goddess is Sarvabuddhadakini, Dakini Quintessence of all Buddhas.

The Naro Dakini holds a vajra chopper in her right hand and a skull bowl in her left, and in the crook of her left elbow carries a khatvanga staff that rests across her shoulder. She wears a garland and a crown of human skulls, and tramples her own emanations, äs the world deities Bhairava and Kalaratri, who are prostrate on the throne beneath her feet.

Measurements: 17.7 x 24.8" | 45 x 63 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Color Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors