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9.7 The Diamond Realm Mandalas

Original Painting: Japan, Kamakura period, 13th - 14th cent.

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The Kongokai Mandala ["Diamond-realm Mandala."] belongs together with the Taizokai Mandara [Womb-realm Mandala] to the two of the most significant mandalas in Japanese Buddhism. Both are displayed at Toji, a Shingon sect temple founded in 796 in Kyoto, as well as in other Shingon temples throughout Japan.

Sarvatathagatatattvasamgrahasutra is the basic text for the Vajradhatu Mandalas, "the assembly of truth of all the Buddhas". In Japan this text is called the Vajrasekharasutra, Kongocho-kyo or "Diamond Peak Sutra".

The word Sanskrit "Vajra " means the lightning or diamond illuminator, this old Indian weapon became the symbol of the indestructible and irresistible truth, dhatu which means plane existence, or body. The Vajradhatu is the body in which is knowledge, the sixth element or spirit in Shingon esoterism Buddhism . This is why, in the temples it is face to face with the Taizokai womb mandala. It is in fact made up of nine mandalas symbolizing various levels of reality.

The totality of a Buddha's wisdom in all its possible aspects is represented by the Kongokai Mandala (Skt:Vajradhatu). The Japanese Genzu Vajradhatu Mandala is often called the Nine Assemblies Mandala because it is made up of nine sub-mandalas.

The Vajradhatu Mandala has been important in many countries throughout Asia. Its earliest representation may be the sculptural arrangement at Chandi Sewu in Java which dates to the eighth century. The Borobudur in Java, dating to about 825, may also represent a Vajradhatu Mandala.

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