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5.58 Vajrakila / Vajrakumara [3]

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This winged Heruka archetype deity with three faces and six arms is Vajrakumara [Tib. Dorje Shönnu] also known as Vajrakila. He is the deity of the magic phurba dagger, a symbol of the sharp point of wisdom fixed immobile on goodness by the power of one- pointed concentration. It is used to pin down demonic influences in the process of taming them and teaching to reform their ways.

His name reflects the power of buddha-wisdom to transfix the destructive self-habbit of ignorant beings.

In his upper right hands he helds two Vajras, and in his middle left hand a trident-tipped khatvanga power-scepter. He helds his symbol - the Phurbu dagger in his lower right and left hands.

A flayed skin of an elephant and of a human beeing are stretched over his back. Further more he wears the long garland of severed heads, representing the negative attitudes severed and turned into ornaments by wisdom.

He also wears over each face a five-skull crown, representing the five additions transmuted into the five wisdoms.

His consort is on-faced and two armed and holds the vajra chopper and skull bowl. They stands on prostrate figures, one male and one female, sybolizing their triumph over delusion.

He is shown in terrific union with his wisdom [prajnya] consort. Together they represent the union of Wisdom [female] and artful method [male], which is compassion's action.

Measurements: 25.6 x 35.8" | 65 x 91 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Color Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors