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5.53 Mahakala [7]

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This large Mahakala Thangka is painted in both Kagyupa and Gelupa Tradition of Buddhism. Therefore, in the upper parts of the painting contains both Kagyupa & Gelugpa Teachers, with Mahasiddhas, Vajradharas, boddisatvas and Tsonkhapa. And in the lower part of the Painting contains Protector/Dharmapalas, Pancha Dakinis, Tseringmas and Nagas. Center Main Deity is the Six Armed Mahakala.

ahakala belongs to the Dharmapalas, the protectors of the Buddhism. There are 75 different kinds of manifestations. This Thangka shows him as the wrathful protector with six arms. The six armed Mahakala is related to the story of Avalokiteshwara the Bodhisattva of Compassion.

Mahakala is blue in color has six arms and two legs. Its Sanskrit name is 'Sadbhuja Mahakala' and in Tibetan is called 'Chadroukpa'. In his right hand he holds a necklace of skulls, a curved knife and a dhamaru. In his left hand is a trident, a kapala and a cord. The five skulls present in his Crown represent the five poisons. [Desire, Hatred, Ignorance, Jealousy and Ego] transforming into Wisdom. The three Eyes represent the knowledge of the Time [past, present and the future].

The six arms represent the possession of the Six Perfections. [Giving, Ethic, Patience, Diligence, Concentration and Wisdom]. The curved knife in his right hand is used to cut down Ignorance. The cranium in his left hand symbolizes the victory over the Demons. The cloak in Elephant skin demonstrates victory over Ego. The serpents around his neck represent victory over hatred.

The necklace of skulls symbolizes that He will realize without any interruption for the good of mankind. The Dhamaru in his right hand is used to keep the Dakinis in their orders. The Trident in his left hand symbolizes that he is going to exercise his activities in the three hemispheres [desire, form and non-form].

The Cord in his left hand symbolizes that He is going to attach those who wander from the path of Dharma. The two legs symbolize that he will accomplish not only his own good but also those of others. The white elephant he is standing on symbolizes the elimination of obstacles while the tiger skin he wears around his waist represents the victory over Desire.

Mahakala is a deity that protects us by eliminating the obstacles and impure thoughts that will hinder our journey through Samsara to enlightenment.

Measurements: 34.6 x 51.2" | 88 x 130 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Color Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors
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