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5.51 Rahula

God of Planets

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Rahul, the god of planets, is one of many deities who entered the Buddhist pantheon in Tibet and Mongolia via tantric Hinduism and whose nature is wildly paradoxical. As ruler of all the greater und lesser planets, he holds a particularly important place in the pantheon of the Tibetan Nyingmapa and is generally viewed as a protector of the faith in Tibet and Mongolia, but he is also a demonic figure, the beater of illness and the swallower of the sun and moon during eclipses.

Rahul has a snakes body with a large, gaping mouth in his belly, which emits an effluvium of illness. His torso and four arms are covered with eyes [one thousands is the number given in texts]. His nine stacked horrible heads are crowned with flaming hair and the head of a raven, who guards religious teachings and whose shadows was believed to cause apoplexy.

Rahul leans back to draw his bow and shoot an arrow into the heart of anyone who breaks his religious vows.

Source: Mongolia, the Legacy of Chingis Khan, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 1995

Red Background Version

Measurements: 17.7 x 23.6" | 45 x 60 cm
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Material: Natural Stone Colors
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