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5.2 Cintamani Mahakala [1]

With a wish-fulfilling jewel in front of his chest

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This Mahakala manifestation has the name suffix »Cintamani»«, because in this picture he is wearing the desire jewel of the same name. His main right hand holds a wish-fulfilling jewel in front of his chest, his upper right hands holds a chopper, and his lower right hand is playing a drum. His main left arm rests on his left thigh and holds a skull cup with a vase in it filled with many jewels. His upper left hand holds a trident and his lower left hand a vajra hook.

The religion was in constant need of protection, which is why the great tantric master Padmasambhava was imported from India to defeat the local deities and spirits. Using his superior magic, he changed them to eternal protectors of religion in Tibet.

There are 75 different kind of manifestations of Mahakala. This Thangka shows him as the protector with the Wish Fulfilling Gem. White in color like a snow mountain, radiating light. Who pacifies the destitut and the poverty stricken.

White Mahakala is the special form of Mahakala for attaining wealth. There is only one form of White Mahakala. His body is white, his face wrathful with three eyes. His red mouth is half smiling. He has six arms with different symbols.

Measurements: 15.7 x 11.8" | 40 x 30 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Red Background
Material: Natural Stone Colors