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7.33 Ngor Guhyasamaja Mandala

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Main deity of this Ngor Mandala is Guhyasamaja [Master of Secrets], his Tibetan name is 'Rgyud phyi ma'.

His symbols are: Chakra [wheel], Cintamani [Magic jewel], Vajra [thunderbolt] and Ghanta [bell]

Guhyasamja is the Tantric form of Vajradhara, and is looked upon as master of secrets. According to Hackin, he is a bon form of Vajrapani. Little, however, is known about him, although he is a fairly popular deity in Tibet.

Guhyasamja belongs to the peaceful types of Yi dam and is dressed like a bodhisattva, or rather a crowned Buddha, for he has the rank of a Buddha. He is always represented seated, and has three heads. Each head has a five leaved crown.

In the central leaf of the crown, on the middle head, there is generally a wheel, and his high ushnisha is surmounted by a flaming pearl. He has six arms.

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Measurements: 38.6 x 38.6" | 98 x 98 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Color Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors