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Vajradhara Refugee Tree [2]


16 Khachoe Wangpo 32 Choeki Wangchuk 38 Jampal Zangpo 41 Chokey Jungney 42 Yeshi Ningpo 55 Pema Nyinje
Shamarpas on this Thangka 
16 Khachoe Wangpo32 Choeki Wangchuk
38 Jampal Zangpo41 Chokey Jungney
42 Yeshi Ningpo55 Pema Nyinje
59 Pema Wangchuk 

The Shamarpa is a lineage holder of the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism and is regarded to be the mind manifestation of Amit?bha. He is traditionally associated with Yangpachen Monastery near Lhasa.

The first Shamarpa, Drakpa Sengge [1283 - 1349] received the title "Shamarpa", and a red crown, an exact replica of Karmapas black crown from Rangjung Dorje, 3rd Karmapa, establishing the second line of reincarnate lamas in Tibetan Buddhism. The Shamarpa is often referred to as the "Red Hat Karmapa", especially in early Kagyu texts.