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Vajradhara Refugee Tree [2]

Protector Deities

80 Vaisravana / Kubera 81 Ngag Dag 82 Singon 83 Zhing Chön 84 Damchen 85 Chakdrug Pa 86 Dorje Bernagchen 87 Chagshipa 88 Palden Lhamo 89 Ekajati 90 Remati 91 Tseringma 92 Aachi Chodroen

Protector deities protect the Buddhist dharma. They are typically wrathful deities, depicted with terrifying iconography in the Mahayana and tantric traditions of Buddhism. The wrathfulness is intended to depict their willingness to defend and guard Buddhist followers from dangers and enemies.

In Vajrayana iconography and thangka depictions, dharmapala are fearsome beings, often with many heads, many hands, or many feet. Dharmapala often have blue, black or red skin, and a fierce expression with protruding fangs. Although they have a terrifying appearance, they only act in a wrathful way for the benefit of sentient beings.

Protector Deities on this Thangka 
80 Vaisravana / Kubera81 Ngag Dag
82 Singon83 Zhing Chön
84 Dorje Legpa85 Chakdrugpa
86 Dorje Bernagchen87 Mahakala Chagshipa
88 Palden Lhamo89 Ekajati
90 Palden Lhamo91 Tseringma
92 Aachi Chodron