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3.42 Bhaisajyaguru Mandala [4]

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The central figure is Bhaishajyaguru [Tib.: sangye menla], the buddha of medicine, the physician of human passions, the unfailing healer of the ills of samsara. He is dark blue like lapis lazuli and hence called Vaiduryaprabharaja. As blue is also well known as Akshobhya´s color, Bhaishajyaguru receives some of the attributes of Akshobhya, who presides over the east. Bhaishajyaguru holds the myrobalan [arura] plant in his right hand; his left hand cradles a bowl of amrita - medicine. The bowl is made of lapis lazuli and is dodecagonal in form, symbolizing his twelve resolutions to help human beings. His expression is calm and serene, and he does not wear a crown on his head.

According to Hsuan Tsang and I-tsing, his paradise in the east is called "pure world created in lapis lazuli." He is flanked by the two chief Bodhisattvas of his cycle: Suryaprabha, Solar Radiance, to the right and Chandraprabha, Lunar Radiance, to the Left.

Source: Prof. Dr. Lokesh Chandra

Measurements: 11.8 x 11.8" | 30 x 30 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Black Background
Material: Natural Stone Colors