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3.36 Dipankara Buddha

Nepalese Phauba Style

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Dipankara literally: "Lighter of the lamp"; legendary Buddha who is said to have lived infinitely long ago. Dipankara is considered the first of the 24 Buddhas before the historical Buddha: Shakyamuni. In the form of the ascetic Sumedha before Dipankara, Shakyamuni is said to have pledged to become a Buddha.

Thanks to his supernatural abilities, Dipamkara realized that Sumedha would become a Buddha named Gautama at the end of infinite world ages, and proclaimed the glorious future of the ascetic to the crowd.

Dipankara is considered the most important of all the predecessors of Buddha Shakyamuni. It symbolizes all the Buddhas of the past and, especially in China, is often portrayed together with Shakyamuni and Maitreya, the future Buddha, as the group of "Buddhas of the Three Times" [past, present and future].

According to tradition, he was "80 cubits tall", his entourage consisted of 84,000 Arhats, and he lived for 100,000 years.

Numerous legends entwine around his life. Especially in Nepal he has enjoyed great admiration since the 17th century.

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Material: Natural Stone Colors