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3.22 Amitabha [2]

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Amitabha belongs together with Vairocana, Amogasiddhi, Akshobhya and Ratnasambhava to the five Tathagata Buddhas [also Dhyani Buddhas].

He also plays an important role in Tibetan Buddhism Vajrayana, where he is considered the primordial Buddha of the lotus family [Adibuddha]. There are various practices in Tibetan Buddhism to gain access to the Pure Land of Amitabha, such as the Sablam Phowa. Padmasambhava is considered an incarnation or emanation of Amitabha in Tibetan Buddhism.

Amitabha is the Buddha of comprehensive love. He lives in tranquility [depicted as meditating Buddha] and works for the enlightenment of all beings [depicted as blessing Buddha]. His main enlightenment technique is visualizing the surrounding world as pure land. Those who conceive of their world as a pure land thereby awaken the enlightenment energy within themselves. One can see the world as a pure land through appropriate clear and unlimited vision [[enlightenment mind) or by sending light to all beings [wishing all beings happy].

According to Amitabha teachings, after physical death, one awakens in the pure land [the Pure Land of Amitabha, sanskr. Ogmin, tib. Dewachen] when one thinks his name as a mantra and the mind leaves the body through the crown chakra.

Measurements: 23.6 x 36.2" | 60 x 92 cm
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Material: Natural Stone Colors