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Selection of our Tara Thangkas

Eight Categories

Tara is one of the most popular female deities in Tibetan Buddhism. There are different kind of Taras in the Tibetan Ikonography. The most populars are the White Tara [Tib.: »སྒྲོལ་དཀར - sgrol dkar«], and the Green Tara [tib.: »sgrol ljang སྒྲོལ་ལྗང«].

The main reason for this popularity is are here special protective functions.

In ancient Tibet, traveling outside the cities and villages was not without danger. Therefore, protection from danger was a very important matter.

The Tara protects against the Eight Great Dangers of Life.

Tara protects against eight specific dangers in people's everyday lives. However, each of the physical dangers corresponds to a mental state of mind:

Physical Danger Mental Danger
Lion Pride
Poisonus Snakes Envy / Jealousy
Imprisonment Avarice
Robbery Wrong Views
Wild Elephants Ignorance
Demons Doubts
Fire Hatre
Floods Attachments

Details of the Tara Protection ...

All Taras
1. All Taras
Green Taras
2. Green Taras
White Taras
3. White Taras
1000 Taras
4. 1000 Taras
21 Taras
5. 21 Taras
6. Mandalas
Black Background
7. Black Background
Red Background
8. Red Background
Golden & White
9. Golden & White
Red & Yellow Taras
10. Red & Yellow Taras