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Selection of Tara Thangkas

Red Tara [Kurukulla]

Kurukulla is a fierce red form of Tara, dominator of all beings through control of he power of passion. She adopts the accoutrements of Kama, the Indian Cupid, and strikes the hearts of egocentric beings with her flower arrows, just as he does.

But unlike Kama, she does , not enslave beings to lust; rather by energizing their liberating insight into the nature of reality, she captives their passions and turns them toward the realization of the Dharma.

Kurukulla [1]
1. Kurukulla [1]
Kurukulla [2]
2. Kurukulla [2]
Kurukulla [3]
3. Kurukulla [3]
Kurukulla Mandala
4. Kurukulla Mandala
Ngor Mandala
5. Ngor Mandala
Yellow Tara Mandala
6. Yellow Tara Mandala