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2.57 108 White Taras [16]

This golden background Thangka shows 108 small White Taras plus one large Tara in center. White Tara is often referred to as the Mother of all the Buddhas; she represents the motherly aspect of compassion.

Her seven eyes [three on her face, one on the palm of each hand, and one on the sole of each foot] symbolize the vigilance of her compassion.

Seated in the meditation posture, her right hand is in the gesture of supreme generosity and her left holds the lotus of compassion with the mudra of the three jewels [Buddha, Dharma, Sangha]. White Tara brings the devotee long life and protects against all dangers.

- Position of 108 Taras in the thangka

- Holy Number 108

Special features of gold background Thangkas

Measurements: 24.4 x 33.1" | 62 x 84 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Gold Background
Material: Natural Stone Colors