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2.29 Thousand Green Taras [3]

Full  View Detail 1 Detail 2 Detail 3 Detail 4: One of the four medaillons with fourty  Green Tara images Detail 5: Tara as a dancing Dakini Detail 6 Detail 7: Amitabha Detail 8: Amitabha Detail 9 Detail 10 Detail 11 Detail 12 Detail 13: One of the four medaillons with fourty  Green Tara images Detail 14: Snow Lion Detail 15: Edge of the thangka the frame

This is the second 1000 Tara Thangka created from our artist. It takes nearly 2 years to finish it.

The Thangka shows 1000 small images of Green Tara, one main Green Tara in center with a small red Buddha Amitayus above her. He symbolizes the male organ of energy.

Tara is sitting on a white oval moon disc, which belongs to a Lion Throne. In front of the throne she is dancing in her manifestation of a Dakini.

A small table with offerings is standing in front of the lion throne.

The four medaillons as blooming lotus are symbolizing the four directions. Each medaillons contains numerous emanations of Green Tara.

The original painting of this Thangka was created during the 18th century in eastern Tibet.

The total sum of 1000 Tara images symbolizes "Infinity", the endless path to liberation or Nirvana. Yet when this huge number is added digit by digit, the total is only equal to "One." This means all our merits accumulated life after life is leading us to one course, that is the purification of "Oneself."

Thus Tara here is the deity or Boddhisattva who has gone through this "Infinity" and hereby guiding us towards "One" aim, which is Nirvana. Along the way, all dangers we encountered is warded off by her mercy and protection.

Structure of the painting

Measurements: 34.3 x 51.2" | 87 x 130 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Black Background
Material: Natural Stonecolors