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1.46 Sakyapa Lineage

Refuge Tree

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Buddha defeating the devil Mara

Once the succession of Tibetan Gurus and disciples had reached significant proportions, it became popular custom to represent such spiritual genealogies in the form of a cosmic tree uniting all the saints, buddhas and deities of the order concerned.

This thangka shows the refuge tree of the Tibetan Buddhist Sakyapa lineage with the historical Buddha Shakyamuni in the center.

Rising out of the cosmic waters with the world mountain Sumeru, the tree, which is in blossom, is guarded by a lot of protectors of the Teaching [lowest row], which belongs to the Kagyupa Pantheon.

he painting shoes four sections of saints, Buddhas and goddesses:

1. Lamas of Sakyapa lineage

2. Lamas of other lineages

3. Yidams and

4. Dakinis

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Measurements: 50 x 78.3 " | 127 x 199 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Farbe: Color Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors