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1.42 Life of Buddha Shakyamuni [8]

Maya Devi's reception

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This Thangka shows one of the events of Buddha's life. It is one of the important deeds of life of Buddha. This thangka is painted in black and gold. Black symbolizes ignorance and Gold symbolizes knowledge of Buddha hood which means 'Ignorance to enlightenment'.

The mother of Buddha Mayadevi was sleeping alone in her chamber after a purificatory fast when she saw this auspicious omen in her dream, and as it merged with her body, she felt inexpressible joy and bliss. The Buddha was conceived into the womb of his mother, Mayadevi. The bodhisattva's descent from the Tushita heaven occurred as a dream to Mayadevi. In this dream, a white elephant approached and touched her right side with its trunk. Through this symbolic act, the bodhisattva entered the womb of Mayadevi and impregnated her.

The choice of an elephant as a symbol of her impregnation is a well-thought out metaphor because elephants are known for their strength and intelligence, and also associated with gray-rain clouds and thus with fertility, since rainwater means that seeds will germinate and vegetables will be able to grow. The white color [of the elephant], adds to this an element of purity and immaculacy. The royal fortunetellers explained that the dream announced the queen's pregnancy, and that the newborn would possess exceptional traits.

Measurements: 30.7 x 17.7 " | 78 x 45 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Farbe: Black Background
Material: Natural Stone Colors
Download: High resolution [2.5 MB, 2880 x 4409 px.]