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1.41 Life of Buddha [7]

Buddha cuts his Hair

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At the age of twenty-nine or thirty, having failed to obtain from his father leave to adopt the ascetic life, Siddhartha secretly leaves the palace, and abandons wife, children, kinsfolk, concubines, and all his possessions.

The legend tells the story of his journey at some length. He sets out on his horse, Kanthaka under whose shod hooves the gods place their hands lest the noise should waken up the guard. At a certain distance from his native town he discards his princely attire for rough garments of orange color, cuts his hair, and so forth. From this moment Prince Siddhartha deserves the sacred name of Shakyamuni or Gautama.

In the old days, long hair was a sign of royalty. Siddharta, before he became enlightened and therefore the Buddha, cut off his hair as a renouncement of all his worldly goods.

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