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1.38 Buddha & Disciples [4]

Shariputra and Maudgalyayana

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Tibetan paintings of Buddha Shakyamuni typically show him attented by his two favourite disciples, Shariputra and Maudgalyayana [like this Thangka in the lower part].

Furthermore the Chinese queen listening to the Buddhas teach is depicted at the bottom of the painting.

Buddha Shakyamuni is sitting on his extraordinary lotus throne carried by two snow lions.

Further more are depicted:
- One Garuda [eagle of wisdom] on top
- Furthermore at the left and right hand side:
- Two Makaras [beings, combined between fish, sea-elephant and crokodile]
- Two gnomes riding goats
- Two snow lions and
- Two elephants [below]

Measurements: 19.7 x 27.6" | 50 x 70 cm cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Color Version
Material: Natural Stonecolors
High resolution: Display [5.9 MB, 2472 x 3390 px.]