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1.21 Bodhi-Stupa of Bodgaya [1]

Jowo Jangchub Chenpo

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The original antique Thangka called "Bodhi-Stupa of Bodhgaya" was created in the 18th Century and belongs to the treasures of the Pothala palace in Tibets capital city Lhasa.

Because this Stupa is located in Bodhgya / India it is called Bodhgaya-Stupa. It is said that this stupa was build 100 years after Buddha Shakyamuni passed away. The form of the stupa is unique because it has 1000 small rooms and each of these rooms houses a Buddha statue. A life size Statue of Buddha Shakyamuni dominates the center of the main temple. This statue is called in Tibetan "Jowo Jangchub Chenpo" and is sourrounded by countless small other stupas.

There are eight different Stupas in the Tibetan Buddhism, each symbolizes one major site of Buddha Shakyamuni┬┤s Life

Gold Background Version

Measurements: 33.5 x 43.3" | 85 x 110 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Color Version
Material: Natural Stone Colors