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4.9 Avalokiteshvara [18]


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This Thangka shows Avalokiteshvara in his emanation of Chittavishramana, looking down from His heaven into the world of suffering beings.

Avalokiteshvara is surrounded by a red halo in the dark green Rhododendron leaves. His right hand is extended down in the boon-granting gesture and left hand is holding a lotus flower, which is similar to a Rhododendron blossom.

He wears an antelope skin tied around his left shoulder, one of the most important symbol for his ability of compassion. A standing Amitabha in his topknot is seen.

In the top centre is red Amitabha, golden Buddha Shakyamuni on the left and red Mai-treya on the right.

Below Buddha Shakyamuni is the Indian scholar, Asanga, who brought the Guhya-samaja Tantra [one of the first Sanskrit works which were translated into Tibetan] into the human world.

He is well known for his imperturbable and patient devotion. Asanga meditated for twelve years in a Himalaya cave, south of Rajagriha, until Bud-dha Maitreya appeared to him and gave him special teachings, which he included in his Tantric works.

Below Maitreya appears an eight-armed Red Tara. Her Tibetan name "Döndrup Myurweh Döma" expresses, what she is able to do for her disciples.

The Translation is "Tara, who transfers all ordinary and miraculous power".

At the lower part there are three more deities: Six-armed Mahakala [left], Achala [center] and Jinasagara Avalokiteshvara [right].

Measurements: 14.2 x 19.7" | 36 x 50 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Red Background
Material: Natural Stone Colors