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Manjughosha Manjushri

Wall Painting in Alchi Monastery - Ladakh

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The original of this unique thangka is another 11th century mural at Alchi Monastery in Ladakh in India's Western Himalayas.

In the eastern section of the monastery two walls are dedicated to Manjushri. The thangka shows only a section of the mural with 108 Manjushri medallions. In the monastery surrounded rows of 728 medallions with the four-armed Bodhisattva of Wisdom in five colors. In two magnificent palaces in the center show two beautiful image of a crowned Manjushri. Ichnographically, they in general [variations exist] repeat the surrounding images, in that their four hands hold bow and arrow and sword, as well as a Lotus flower on which rests the book of wisdom, and they are seated on two lions.

The jewelry, girdle, halo, and mandorla of both Images are highlighted through the application of pastiglia, and delicately executed cloth designs define the Bodhisattvas' dhotis. A beautiful three-colored inner halo border adds finesse to the Images The exquisite palace designs are marked by pattern variations in regard to the presence and distribution of mounts [vahanas] - lions, elephants vyalas, gandharvas, kinnaras, and kalavinkas.

Six apsaras fly towards he images whose palace bases beautifully complement each other by showing meticulously executed miniature images of the World Ruler [charkravartin, each other on the proper right of the central niche.

The north-eastern wall is again filled with an amazing panel of four-armed emanations of Manjushri in various colors. A glorious palace in the center is exuberantly filled with beautiful depictions of animals forming the throne and the palace pillars, as well as apsaras and gandharvas [all honoring member of a class of celestial beings in Dharmic religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, whose males are divine performers such as musicians and singers, and the females are divine dancers] he golden-colored]

Source: Ā»TreasureĀ« of the Himalayas, Peter van Ham - Amy Heller, Hirmer Verlag, 2018"

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