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4.75 Avalokiteshvara Mandala [12]

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This Mandala shows the eleven headed Avalokiteshvara with six arms. The two central hands form the anjali mudra, a sign of respect or greeting, and the eight other hands hold attributes including the lotus, wheel, bow, and vase.

This blackbackground mandala shows the eleven headed Avalokiteshvara with six arms in the center.

Around him are depicted the Eight Tibetan Symbols of Good Fortune

Starting from the top left, the following deities are further depicted: 1. White Tara - 2. Buddha Amitabha - 3. Four-armed Avalokiteshvra Sadakshari - 5. Mahakala Manifestation - 6. Mahakala ? 7. Vajrapani

Around him the Eight Tibetan Lucky Symbols are depicted

More iconographic explanations regarding Avalokiteshvara

Measurements: 18.5 x 26" | 47 x 66 cm
Price: on request
Shipment: Parcel Service from Germany or Nepal
Color: Black background
Material: Natural Stonecolors
High resolution: Display [3.2 MB, 2627 x 3677 px.]