Dharmapala Thangka CentreSchool of Thangka Painting


2024Bremen, Germany - »Traditional Tibetan Thangkas: A 1000-year-old Buddhist tradition from the Himalayas« - Botanika Science Centre
2019Bremen, Germany - »Thangkas - Gateway to the Soul of Tibetan Buddhism« - Botanika Science Centre
2018New York, USA: »Divine Feminine - New Masterpieces from Nepal«, Tibet House US - Photos
2017Harbin China: »THE GREAT BEGINNING«
2017New York, USA: »Tibetan Thangkas Today«, Tibet House US - Photos
2015Shanghai, China: 'Shanghai Free Trade Zone International Arts and Culture' im Pudong District
2014China - Guangdong / Beijing / Lhasa
2014Bremen, Germany: » Traditional Tibetan thangkas today «", Botanika Science Centre
2008Syke, Germany: » Outside world-inside world" scroll paintings from the Himalayas, VHS Syke
2005Hamburg, Germany: » The world of Tibetan Buddhism «, Museum für Völkerkunde
2003Montreal, Canada: Ashram Canadien des Sciences spiritualles et occultes
2002Washington DC, USA: Artists Museum 406seventh street NW
2000Vienna, Austria: SAP Company
1999Melbourne, Australia: Chapel Gallery
1999;Gladbeck, Germany: Stadtsparkasse
1997Jerusalem, Israel: The International Art And Craft Fair
1997Bremen, Germany: Old Townhall
1996Bonn, Germany: Accompanying programme "Wisdom and Love - 1000 Arts of Tibetan Buddhism", Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany
1994Vlaaridingen, The Netherlands: Galerie en Brasserie »Romanove«
1993Bremen, Germany: Sparkasse
1992Bremen, Germany: Uebersee Museum
1992Paris, France: Samaritine
1991New Delhi, India: The All India Traditional Art Exhibition
1990Tokyo, Japan: Parco Department Store
1990Toulouse, France: Le Foyer Rural de Lacrox falgarde
1990;Wiesbaden, Germany: Villa Clementine
1990Bremen, Germany: Galerie Afro Asiatica
1989Hamburg, Germany: Hamburgisches Museum fur Völkerkunde
1989;Metz, France: La Maison de la Culture et Le point Mulhouse
1986;Bonn, Germany: Kulturforum der Stadt Bonn
1985Berlin, Germany: Bank of Handling Industry
1984Isny, Germany: Galerie am Spantor