The artists of Dharmapala Thangka Centre have joined many international exhibitions

2018 "Divine Feminine - New Masterpieces from Nepal", Tibet House US,
New York, March, 15th - May, 11th, 2018
2017 Harbin China, "THE GREAT BEGINNING"
2017 Tibetan Thangkas Today, Tibet House US, New York, March, 10th - May, 11th, 2017

2016 Thangka Exhibition from August, 13 until September, 11: Botanika Science Centre, Rhododendron-Park Deliusweg 40 | 28359 Bremen, Germany

2015 China: Thangka exhibition starting 28th of November 2015 in 'Shanghai Free Trade Zone International Arts and Culture ' in Pudong district of Shanghai. more ...
2014 China October 2014 - Guangdong / Beijing / Lhasa -

2014 Traditional Tibetan Thangkas Today: Exhibition from September, 6 until October, 12 Botanika Science Centre, Rhododendron-Park Deliusweg 40 | 28359 Bremen, Germany - Photos - Article

2010 Thangkas - Scrollpaintings of tantric Buddhism - 20.02. - 09.05. Shanghai, China
2008 Syke: "Außenwelt-Innenwelt" Rollbilder aus dem Himalaya und Gemälde, VHS Syke, 20.01. -19.03
2005 Hamburg, Germany: The World of Tibetan Buddhism, Museum of Ethnology, Hamburg, Germany
2003 Ashram Canadien des Sciences spiritualles et occultes" Montreal, Canada
2002 Artists Museum 406seventh street NW Washington DC, America
2000 SAP Company in Vienna, Austria
1999 Chapel Gallery Melbourne, Australia
1999 Gladbeck, Stadtsparkasse, Germany
1997 The international art and craft fair, Jerusalem, Israel
1997 Old Townhall under the auspices  of the prime minister of the state of Bremen Dr. Henning Scherf Photos of the exhibition
1996 Bonn, Germany, May until August 1996, companying program of the exhibition "Wisdom and Compassion -1000 years of Tibetan religious art", Art and Exhibitionhall of the Federal Republic of Germany. This exhibition was organised in co-operation with the Tibet House New York.
1994 Galerie en Brasserie "Romanove", Vlaaridingen, The Netherlands
1993 Sparkasse Bremen, Bremen, Germany
1992 Samaritine, Paris, France
1992 Uebersee Museum, Bremen, Germany
1991 The All India Traditional Art Exhibition, India
1990 Villa Clementine, Frankfurt, Ecke Wilhelmstrasse, Wiesbaden, Germany
1990 Parco Department Store, Tokyo, Japan
1990 Le Foyer Rural de Lacrox falgarde, Toulouse, France
1990 Parco Department Store, Tokyo, Japan
1989 Hamburgisches Museum of Ethnology, e, Hamburg, Germany
1989 Galerie Afro Asiatica, Bremen, Germany
1986 La Maison de la Culture et Le point Mulhous, Metz, France
1986 Kultur Forum der Stadt Bonn, Bonn Center, Bundeskanzlerplatz, Germany
1985 Bank of Handling Industry, Berlin, Germany
1984 Galerie am Spantor 7972, Isny, Germany