The Dharmapala Thangka Centre is a thangka painting school with an experience of over 30 years in the art of traditional thangka painting. In recent years, the artists of the Centre have participated in numerous international exhibitions. It is painted in the heart of Kathmandu, Capital of Nepal by ancient iconographic documents of Tibetan Buddhism thangkas in detail and refinement, as they are very hard to find in another place.
Dharmapala center is the institution affiliated with a monastic tradition of the northern Buddhist artisans of Nepal, dedicated towards the field of preservation and promotion of the rule of lamaistic thangka painting.

Dharmapala center was established under the rule and regulation of the HMG Nepal in 1982 A.D. The centre was culturally and spiritually patron by the Late [Nyigma-pa] lama Pemagyalpo [tamang] [1902-99]. Late Lama Pemagyalpotamang was guardian and inspiration of this Thangka painting institution. Pemagyalpo himself was a householder tantric Buddhist priest with his dynamic knowledge of artistic skill and talents. This institute was formed under the presidency of Yubaraj lama with parallel leadership of Karsang lama as a chief artist, third generation world-renowned experts in painting.

Although, originated in India and Nepal since 1970, Tibetan scroll paintings [especially for tourists] were painted. There was concern in these works to mass production under varying quality. Iconographic correctness could not be taken. For a picture of this production, only a few days were needed.
Thangkas from Dharmapala Centre, however, sometimes need 12 months or more to complete. "Chief Artist" Karsang Lama, a world renowed, third generation painter has his each thangka created under his supervision in strict compliance with the traditional basics.

How to order thangka

If you are interested to order thangkas, you have two options:
You choose one of the Thangkas published on this site. If you're lucky, it is immediately available, otherwise it is custom made for you in Kathmandu. On request, we will inform you the availability
You can give us a "personal" Thangka order being painted especially for you in Nepal. For this, we need a color photograph, a color copy, a source book, exhibition catalog, calendar or similar.

Production time
Thangkas from the Darmapala Centre are individual works of art that cannot be produced in mass production in a short time. Therefore, it takes between 3 and 18 months, or even longer, until your completed image. This time depends on the size and the contents and the embodiment of the thangka painting. Red [Marthang] and black [Nakthang] thangkas are more complicated than colored pieces. Goldgreen [Sherthang] thangkas need more time. To give you an idea of the progress of your order during the waiting period, you will receive approximately every four weeks recordings from the painting workshop.

Each thangkas comes with a detailed description, which provides information on production, iconographic content and its significance.

Depending on the quality, size and type, the prices of the thangkas are from 250.00 to morer than 10 000.00 Euros, sometimes even more. Please inquire us and we will assist you.

Return Policy
If you do not like a purchased thankga painting, of course you have a right to return, this also applies to commissioned works.

Brocade Mounting
Each thangkas can be provided on request with a brocade frame. Your Thangka is consecrated in your order, if necessary, in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Kathmandu in a Puja. A consecration inscription can be mounted on the back, in request with your name in Tibetanscript.

Additional Information
Please visit the numerous pages of this website. And inquire us or call us if questions remain unanswered. We will do our best to assist you.
Donation to Nepal orphans

10% of the purchase price of each painting sold is donated to an orphan house, the Association for Children´s Care and Education, which located in Kathmandu and managed by the German children care association "Kinderhilfe Nepal e.v.".

Children´s World, Ga/642, 

Battiputali, Ward No. 9Old Baneshwar,


After you receive your thangka, you will get a document certifying your donation to the orphanage.

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