Botanika Project in Bremen - Germany

"Botanica - discover the world of plants" was opened June, 6, 2003. A multimedia journey through the world of plants is waiting for you. See, hear, feel and explore the fascination of biological diversity in the interactive discovery centre. The unique landscapes of breathtaking beauty in the new exhibition halls are captivating: the living environments of Himalaya and Borneo as well as the Japanese Garden present themselves with hundred of rhododendron species in all their splendour throughout the year.

Take delight in the exiting discovery of the flora and fauna embedded in the culture of exotic regions.Follow up on your horticultural exploration with a visit to authentically laid-out landscapes displaying colourful swathes of rhododendrons that erupt in reconstructed natural habitats of the Himalayas and Borneo.

Find out about the unique relationship between man, culture and nature amid a landscape of small footbridges, stretches of water, a waterfall and rocky outcrops.botanika doesn't present itself as a simple flower show nor does it fulfil the role of a museum. Instead, its display sections rely heavily on hands-on visitor participation to promote a better understanding of the relations between plants and people.

The new exhibition area highlights year-round activities, aimed at all ages including professionals, non-professionals and school children.

Dharmapala Thangka Centre got the order to supervise the procurement of all buddhist items of the botanika project. The Nirvana Buddha statue is the most spectacular object in the project. Beyond it you can see inside a 22,500 square feet garden house small and big praying wheels [with 168 mill. mantras], a mani wall, stone carvings, thangkas, a 160 inches stupa and much more.

"Botanika" was build in Bremen / Germany from the Rhododendron Park GmbH with financial support from the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.

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